Paws, Claws & Scales Vocabulary Word List (232)

A)Aquatic, Aquifer, Arboreal, Assessment, Atmosphere, Aviary
B)Bacteria, Balance, Beach, Behavior, Benefit
C)Calcium, Canopy, Carapace, Cells, Centigrade, Chemical reaction, Classification, Clever, Climate, Coast, Conditions, Constant, Continental, Cool, Creature, Cunning, Current, Cycle
D)Dampness, Decay, Decompose, Deposits, Depth, Disappearance, Discovery, Dislodge, Displace, Dissolve, Distance, Diurnal, Diverse, Drought, Dynamics
E)Ecology, Ecosystem, Elements, Encroach, Endangered, Energy, Environment, Equilibrium, Equine, Essential, Estuary, Evaporation, Event, Evidence, Evolution, Examination, Existence, Expanse, Exploration extinction, Extreme
F)Fauna, Fertile, Fishery, Floodwater, Flora, Flourish, Foliage, Forage, Force, Forecast, Fossil, Fragile, Frigid
G)Grin, Ground water, Growl
H)Habitat, Hatchery, Heat, Humidity, Hydrogen, Hypothesis
I)Ichthyology, Imagination, Impact, Indigenous, Inevitable, Inhabit, Inherit, Inquiry, Integrity, Interact, Interdependence, Investigation
J)Jungle, Jurassic
L)Lethal, Life, Light
M)Magnetism, Mangrove, Marine, Matter, Measurements, Microbes, Migration, Moisture, Molecule, Motion, Movement, Mysterious
N)Native, Natural, Navigate, Neglect, Negligence, Niche, Nocturnal, Numerous, Nurture, Nutrient
O)Ocean, Oceanography, Omnivorous, Organism, Ornithology, Oxygen
P)Peril, Pesticide, Petrify, Phenomena, Plains, Population, Precipitation, Predator, Preserve, Pressure, Primate, Pristine, Probe, Process, Propagation
Q)Quarry, Quest, Quiet
R)Rain forest, Reaction, Realm, Reclaim, Reef, Region, Research, Reservoir, Resistance, Rivers, Rookery, Runoff, Rupture
S)Safety, Salvage, Sanitary, Saturation, Scientist, Seafloor, Season, Seepage, Sensor, Shore, Sly, Sound, Species, Spectacular, Spectrum, Stage, Starvation, Streams, Subterranean, Survival, Swamp, Sylvan, Symbiosis, Synergy
T)Taxidermy, Technology, Temperate, Temperature, Terrestrial, Tidal pool, Transformation, Tremor, Tropical, Tundra
U)Ultimate, Unbelievable, Underwater, Unique, Unite, Unity, Universal, Unpredictable, Unusual, Ursine
V)Vanish, Vapor, Variety, Vast, Vegetation, Velocity, Verdant, Viable, Vibration, Virus, Visible, Volume, Vulnerable, Vulpine
W)Waterfall, Waterway, Weather, Wetlands, Wildlife, Wonder, Worldwide

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