Manatees Vocabulary Word List (139)

A)Aerial, Air breathing, Algae, Aquatic, Awareness
B)Big, Body, Body fat, Brackish, Buoyant
C)Calf, Canals, Captivity, Caribbean, Class, Classification, Coastal, Cold, Communication, Congregation, Conservation, Corpulent, Cow, Creature
D)Degradation, Diet, Disease
E)Elephant-related, Endangered, Estuaries, Extinction
F)Family, Fatality, Female, Fish, Flippers, Floating, Florida, Flowing, Folklore, Food, Fossil, Freshwater
G)Genus, Gestation, Government, Gracilaria, Graze
H)Habitat, Hearing, Herbivorous
I)Image, Impression, Inactive, Infection, Injuries
L)Lagoon, Large, Legendary, Length, Lesions, Life span
M)Majority, Malady, Male, Mammal, Management, Mangrove leaves, Marine, Massive, Meandering, Measurement, Mermaid, Metabolic rate, Migration, Monitor, Mouth, Movement
N)Natural springs, Numbers, Nutrients
O)Observation, Ocean, Order, Osmo-regulation
P)Paddle-like, Phylum, Plants, Plight, Population, Power plant, Prehistoric, Propeller, Protection
R)Range, Recovery, Red tide, Research, Rivers
S)Safety, Salt water, Save, Scars, Science, Sea cow, Sea grass, Shallow, Sleeping, Slow, Snout, Solitary, South, Species, Speed, Stress, Submerged, Surfacing, Survey, Survival, Susceptible, Swimming, Synoptic surveys
T)Temperatures, Toleration, Tracking, Traits, Turtle grass
V)Visible, Vulnerable
W)Warm water, Water, Wean, Weight, Wildlife
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