Insects (animals) Vocabulary Word List (145)

A)Adaptation, Adroit, Adult, Affliction, Aggressive, Annoyance, Antennae, Aphid, Appetite
B)Balance, Beauty, Beetle, Beneficial, Bite, Blend, Breed
C)Caves, Cerci, Chitin, Classification, Cocoon, Cold-blooded, Colony, Color, Conditions, Control, Courtship, Culprit
D)Damage, Danger, Deadly, Deft, Destroy, Destructive, Development, Devour, Disease, Diurnal
E)Elusive, Embryonic, Endanger, Enemy, Entomologist, Epidemic, Estimation, Evolution, Exoskeleton, Exterminator, Extinguish
F)Form, Fuse
G)Gizzard, Grubs
H)Habitat, Harbinger, Harmful, Hatch, Health, Hibernation
I)Importance, Indefatigable, Indestructible, Indigenous, Industrious, Ineradicable, Infect, Inject, Innocuous, Insatiable, Insecticide, Instinct, Intervene, Invade, Iridescent
K)Kinds, Kingdom
L)Larvae, Legs, Luminous
M)Maggot, Mandible, Metamorphosis, Microscopic, Migration, Miniscule, Mountainous
N)Nemesis, Nocturnal, Nymph
O)Omnipresent, Order, Oust, Oxygen
P)Parasite, Pattern, Perennial, Persist, Phylum, Plenty, Plethora, Poisonous, Polar, Pollinate, Predator, Primeval, Proboscis, Prolific, Protection, Pupae
R)Rampant, Regional, Repellent, Resemblance, Resistant, Rife, Ring-like
S)Season, Segment, Shape, Size, Skeleton, Skittish, Sting, Stridulate, Struggle, Subterranean, Survival, Swamp, Swarm
T)Thorax, Trepidation
U)Ubiquitous, Undesirable, Unique, Universal
V)Value, Variety, Vibration, Voluminous
W)Warning, Wings, Worker

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Insects and Biology Lesson Plan and Discussion Ideas: Answer the following questions:

  • 1. Here is a short insects word list. How many more can you name? ants, bees, butterflies, cockroaches, crickets, fireflies, fleas, dragonflies, grasshoppers, houseflies, ladybugs, lice, mosquitoes, moths, silver fish, termites, walking sticks, wasps
  • 2. Why have insects been successful at surviving? Explain.
  • 3. How many legs does an insect have? Into how many parts is an insect's body divided? Do most insects have wings and antennae?
  • 4. Discuss insects that are "good" or "beneficial" to the environment. What ones are "bad" or harmful? Be specific.
  • 5. What does the term metamorphosis mean? Explain the difference between incomplete and complete metamorphosis. Name examples of ways that insects protect themselves from their enemies.
  • 6. Are insects and spiders the same? If so, explain. If not, discuss their differences. offers more than 395 word lists. To see more Science word lists, please go to the home page at for interactive worksheets, word games, puzzles and themed content. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are no fees.