Dogs Vocabulary Word List (301)

A)Abandoned, Ability, Activity, Adoption, Affect, Affection, Affectionate, Aggressive, Agility, AKC (American Kennel Club), Allergy, Alpha, Approach, Assistance, Attack, Average, Awareness
B)Balance, Bay, Behavior, Biscuit, Blissful, Bluff, Bone, Brand, Breed, Breeder
C)Calm claw, Canine, Care, Castration, Caution, Cautious, Characteristics, Checkup, Chewing, Chow, Claws, Clipping, Coat, Coloring, Command, Communication, Companionship, Compassion, Competition, Confinement, Connection, Consume, Continuing care, Control, Cropping, Crossbred, Croup, Cruelty
D)Dam, Dangerous, Defense, Dependable, Destructive, Detection, Devotion, Dewclaw, Diet, Disciplined, Disease, Distemper, Docile, Dock, Dog lover, Dominant, Down
E)Effective, Endurance, Energetic, Entertainment, Environment, Euthanasia, Exasperating, Exercise, Expense, Experience, Exuberance
F)Fang, Feature, Fetch, Fidelity, Fido, Finicky, Fitness, Fleas, Food, Foreleg, Formula, Four-legged friend, Friendly, Fur
G)Games, Gentle, Gnaw, Greeting, Grooming, Grow, Guard, Guardian, Guide dog
H)Handling, Harness, Haul, Heal, Healthy, Heart, Heart worm, Heel, Herd, Hide, Hind quarters, Hock, Homeless, Hound, Housebreaking, Howl, Humane, Hurt
I)Incentive, Infection, Inflammation, Inherited, Inhumane, Injury, Insecure, Instinct, Intelligence, Intrude, Intuition, Irrepressible, Irritation
J)Jerk, Jog, Joint, Judge
K)Kennel, Kindness
L)Learning, Leash, Leftovers, Licensing, Life-span, Litter, Love, Loving, Loyalty, Lunge
M)Malady, Marking, Mate, Maturity, Mayhem, Menace, Mimicking, Miniature, Misbehavior, Mistreat, Mixed breed, Mongrel, Muscular, Mutt, Muzzle
N)Nature, Neuter, Normal, Nutrient, Nutrition
O)Obedient, Odor, Outdoors, Outrageous, Overdo
P)Pack animal, Pad, Panting, Parasite, Pastern, Patient, Paw, Pawing, Pedigree, People-person, Personality, Pet, Pet-friendly, Placid, Playful, Plunder, Pooch, Popularity, Pounds, Practice, Praise, Prevention, Proportion, Puppy, Puppy-hood, Purebred
Q)Quick, Quiet
R)Rabid, Rabies, Range, Rawhide, Registration, Regulation, Relationship, Relief, Rescue, Respect, Response, Responsibility, Retrieve, Reward, Roaming, Rock-solid, Rump
S)Safety, Scent, Sedate, Senses, Sensitivity, Service, Shelter, Shiny, Shots, Signal, Sire, Sit, Size, Snarl, Socialize, Spay, SPCA, Special, Specialty, Split-personality, Sporting dog, Standard, Stare, Starvation, Stay, Stereotype, Stray, Stroking, Structure, Submissive, Sweet, Sweet-nature, Swift
T)Temperament, Tendency, Terrier, Territorial, Threaten, Tick, Toleration, Toys, Training, Treatment, Treats, Trouble, Type
U)Unconditional, Undercoat, Understanding, Unique, Unsanitary, Unusual, Unwanted
V)Vaccination, Variety, Veterinarian, Vicious, Vigor, Voice
W)Wag, Walking, Wary, Washing, Water, Weight, Welcome, Welfare, Whelp, Whining, Whiskers, Wise, Working dog, Worthy
Y)Yank, Yard, Yelp
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These are examples of some pet toxins that require emergency/veterinarian care if an animal eats them. The toxin word list includes:
anti-freeze, chocolate, diet sweeteners, grapes, ibuprofen, lilies, macadamia nuts, mistletoe, overdoses of pet medications, snail bait (Sluggo, a brand, is all right), rodent poison, wild mushrooms, etc.

Signs of poisoning include:
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