Cats Vocabulary Word List (289)

A)Abandoned, Abilities, Adoption, Affect, Affection, Affectionate, Aggressive, Agility, Allergy, Alley cat, Approach, Arched back, Attack, Average, Aware
B)Balance, Beauty, Behavior, Breed, Breeder
C)Calico, Calm, Care, Caterwaul, Catnip, Characteristics, Chase, Checkup, Claws, Clean, Climb, Coat, Coloring, Communication, Companionship, Confine, Connection, Continuing care, Control, Crossbred, Crouch, Cruelty, Curiosity, Curl up
D)De-claw, Defense, Demanding, Dependence, Detect, Devoted, Dewclaw, Diet, Discipline, Disposition, Distemper, Docile, Domestic, Dominant
E)Eat fish, Effect, Endure, Energetic, Entertainment, Environment, Euthanasia, Experience
F)Faithful, Fang, Favorite, Fear, Feature, Feeding, Feline, Feral, Fidelity, Fight, Finicky, Fit, Fleas, Flick tail, Food, Foreleg, Four-legged friend, Friendly, Frisk, Fur, Fussy
G)Gag, Gentle, Grace, Greeting, Grooming
H)Hair, Hair ball, Handling, Healing, Healthy, Hide, Hind quarters, Hiss, Homeless, Housebreaking, Humane, Hunt, Hurt
I)Incentive, Independent, Indoors, Infection, Inflammation, Inherited, Inhumane, Injury, Insecure, Inside, Instinct, Insurance, Intelligence, Intrude, Intuition, Irritation
J)Jaw, Joints, Joy, Judge, Jump
K)Kennel, Kibble, Kindness, Kitten, Kitty litter
L)Leap, Learning, Licensing, Licking, Life-span, Litter, Litter box, Love catnip, Loving, Loyal, Lunge, Lurk
M)Malady, Mammal, Markings, Mate, Matting, Meow, Mice, Mimic, Misbehavior, Mistreat, Mixed breed, Motionless
N)Nature, Neuter, Nine lives, Normal, Nutrient, Nutrition
O)Odor, Outdoors, Outside
P)Padded, Pant, Parasite, Paw, Pawing, Pedigree, People-person, Perk ears, Personality, Pest, Pet, Pet-friendly, Play with, Playful, Popularity, Pounce, Practice, Praise, Prevention, Prey, Proportion, Prowl, Purebred, Purr
Q)Queen, Quick, Quiet
R)Rabid, Rabies, Range, Rats, Registration, Regulation, Relationship, Relief, Rescue, Respect, Response, Responsibility, Retracted, Retrieve, Reward, Roam, Rounded head, Rub
S)Safety, Sanitary, Sawdust, Scent, Scratch, Scratching post, Sedate, Senses, Sensitivity, Sharp teeth, Sharpen claws, Shedding, Shelter, Shiny, Short-haired, Sight, Silent, Size, Skillful, Sleep, Snarl, Sneaky, Socialize, Solitary, Spay, SPCA, Specialty, Speed, Spit, Spray, Spring, Stalk, Standard, Stare, Starve, Stray, Stretch, Stroke, Structure, Submissive, Swat, Swift, Symptoms
T)Tabby, Tail, Tame, Tangle, Tease, Territorial, Threatened, Tick, Tomcat, Toys, Training, Treatment, Treats, Twitch whiskers, Type
U)Unconditional, Undercoat, Understanding, Unsanitary, Unusual, Unwanted
V)Vaccinate, Variety, Veterinarian
W)Wash, Watching, Water, Weight, Welcome, Welfare, Whine, Whiskers, Wild
Y)Yard, Yarn

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