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    Vocational and Technical Education Vocabulary Word List (362)

    A)Ability, Academic, Academies, Accounting, Accuracy, Achievement, Administration, Advancement, Affiliation, Affordable, Alternatives, Ambition, Analysis, Aplomb, Appearance, Application, Apply, Appreciation, Apprenticeship, Appropriate, Ardent, Array, Associate, Association, Astute, Attentive, Attitude, Audition, Awareness
    B)Balance, Barrier, Basics, Behavior, Benefits, Bias, Blue collar, Brawn, Building, Bureaucracy, Business
    C)Capability, Career, Carpenter, Certification, Challenge, Chemistry, Choice, Circulation, Classified, Communication, Community, Comparable, Compensation, Compliance, Confidence, Confusion, Conscientiousness, Constant, Construction, Contacts, Continuum, Contractor, Contribution, Cosmetology, Course, Credibility, Credit, Credit union, Critic, Cultural, Curiosity, Customer
    D)Daily, Deadline, Debate, Degree, Demeanor, Demonstrate, Department, Design, Development, Devote, Dexterity, Diagnosis, Diploma, Diplomacy, Direction, Discipline, Discussion, Disposition, Dispute, Distribution, Dues, Dysfunction
    E)Eagerness, Earnings, Ease, Economics, Economy, Edit, Education, Effective, Effort, Electrician, Element, Eligible, Empathetic, Employee, Employer, Employment, Encouragement, Endurance, Energy, Ensure, Enthusiasm, Entrepreneur, Equipment, Establish, Estimate, Estimator, Ethics, Etiquette, Expenses, Experience, Exposure
    F)Facet, Facilitate, Fair, Finance, Flexibility, Focus, Foundation
    G)Generous, Genuine, Goal, Graduation, Growth, Guideline
    H)Handle, Hands-on, Hardhat, Headhunter, Heavy construction, Heavy equipment, Helpful, High school, Hindsight, Hiring, Hobby, Hospitable, Housing
    I)Ideal, Ideas, Identify, Immediate, Impact, Impression, Impropriety, Improvement, Independence, Industrial arts, Industrious, Industry, Information, Informative, Infringement, Input, Inquiry, Inquisitive, Inspiration, Instinctive, Insurance, Integrity, Intelligence, Intense, Intention, Interests, Interpret, Interview, Inventory, Investment
    J)Job, Job share, Jocular, Journeyman, Joy, Judgment, Judicious, Just
    K)Keen, Kindness, Knowledge
    L)Laud, Learning, Lender, Liability, Liable, Library, Listening, Litigation, Local, Low-level, Loyalty
    M)Management, Manager, Manner, Marketing, Membership, Mentor, Model, Monetary, Monitor, Motivation
    N)Name, Negotiate, Network, Notoriety, Numerous
    O)Objective, Obvious, Offer, On site, On the job training, Operations, Opinion, Opportunity, Optimistic, Options, Organization, Outgoing, Ownership
    P)Part-time, Passionate, Patience, Payroll, Performance, Persistence, Personality, Pleasant, Pleasing, Plumber, Policy, Positive, Possibilities, Potential, Practical, Practice, Praise, Presentation, Privacy, Private, Proactive, Problem, Problem solving, Production, Profession, Promotion, Prospective, Protection, Purchasing, Purpose
    Q)Quality, Quantity, Query, Quest, Question, Quick, Quintessential, Quirk
    R)Rapport, Recommendation, Recruit, Reflection, Relationship, Relevancy, Reliability, Relocation, Research, Resolution, Resources, Respect, Responsibility, Responsive, Resume, Review, Reward, Risk, Role, Routine
    S)Salary, Sales, Salesmanship, Schedule, Scholarly, Schooling, Secretarial, Security, Select, Sensitivity, Serious, Service, Services, Shop, Simultaneous, Skill, Skillful, Socialize, Spontaneity, Staff, Steer, Strategy, Strength, Struggle, Study, Subscribe, Successful, Suitable, Support, Supportive, Survey, Sustain
    T)Tardy, Tech, Technician, Tedious, Time, Time clock, Timely, Timing, Trade, Trades-person, Trail period, Training, Transition, Treatment, Trend
    U)Ultimate, Uncommon, Understanding, Union, Unique, Unison, Unite, Unqualified, Upside
    V)Velocity, Venture, Vest, Veteran, Vision, Vital, Vocational
    W)White collar, Worry, Worthwhile, Worthy
    Y)Young, Youth
    Z)Zeal, Zone
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    Vocational and Technical Education Lesson Plans and Discussion:

    Vocational training provides training in a variety of areas. Are the following fields among some of your choices? What work interests you and why?

    CAREER CHOICE word list:
    Accounting, administration, aerospace, agriculture, architecture, automotive, biochemistry, biotech, business, carpentry, computers, construction, cosmetology, counselor, criminal justice, dental professional, designer, drafting, education, engineering, entrepreneur, fashion, food manufacturing, high tech, home economics, human resources, import/export, health science, home furnishings, marketing, medicine, sales, secretarial work, software, taxation, textiles, transportation, toy design, wholesale industry

    Types of schools:
    What is the difference between the following: an alternative high school, comprehensive high school, technical high school and a vocational high school?

    A proprietary school teaches automotive maintenance, data processing, television repair and what other skills?

    General white-collar jobs include: clerical, technical and professional, managers and sales
    General blue-collar jobs include: craft-workers, farmers, non-farming, operative, service. (Please send ideas to Thank you!

    Characteristics of a "good" hire:
    1. Someone who is dedicated and reliable 2. A person who arrives on time 3. A worker who is very careful/precise 4. Men and women who are honest/have integrity 5. A person who takes pride in his/her job 6. Someone who is confident and organized 7. A person who is organized 8. A worker who is willing to put in long hours to complete a job correctly 9. Someone who is willing to remain loyal to the company 10. A person with experience 11. Mature, responsible men and women
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