Our Vocabulary University® GRADE LEVEL interactive word puzzles began in May 1997.

Our educational content features include grade level interactive word puzzles that help expand ones vocabulary (starting with High Elementary - 2nd grade with prefixes - through College Prep). We have also created other Rooty*Hoot*Hoot® brand puzzles using Latin & Greek roots, RootRoutes® , Word Webs™, synonyms and antonyms (SynOps™), word pairs (WordWaves™) and Root-by-Root™.

The V.U. Creative Team.
Carey Orr Cook, the grandson of Carey Orr, the Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist from the Chicago Tribune, learned his life-long love of words from his grandfather. He works in the investment business and has been drawing cartoons for 20 years in his "free time". With Jan Cook (his wife, partner and retired high school teacher), they have built a strong teacher, student and parent awareness of their Vocabulary University® brand. The technical and graphical assistance from Bob Marzewski and Maria Reeves have been extraordinary and irreplaceable!

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Our V.U. Customized Vocabulary Content.
We began creating monthly, customized thematic content for AOL Research & Learn Channel in September 1997. We continue making customized puzzles for other original editorial content providers.

Today we have 96+ unique thematic features that focus on seasonal and topical vocabulary acquisition. To see our thematic content features go to our School Year Calendar Content. To see these thematic features listed alphabetically click here.
We have created over 560 thematic A-to-Z word lists which we call an Alphalary™ (word list from A-to-Z). These are available and printable directly from the Word List pull down menu.


Request our "BI-MONTHLY new content NEWSLETTER" directly from the Monthly Newsletter box on the home page or by emailing . Email any questions for clarification to or our physical address: 3650 Mockingbird Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32963. Phone 772-492-9032.

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Universal Press Syndicate, Uclick LLC nationally syndictes our daily online vocabulary puzzle called Rootonym® that you can play online at many spots like the Denver Post Online, Merriam-Webster Online, AARP Magazines, etc.. Our daily puzzle, Rooty®, appears in several newspapers in the midwest and California.

Magazines and newspaper articles about have appeared in The Reading Teacher, Stanford Magazine, Harvard Business School Magazine, Gentry Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, San Jose Mercury, San Francisco Chronicle, Palo Alto Daily News, Pioneer Press andSan Antonio ExpressNews (a weekly RootbyRoot puzzle.)

We continue developing new puzzle content here as the research arm of You can find an excellent link to other word-related websites by going to our recommended word-related links