Whales Vocabulary Word List (241)

A)Abundance, Accelerate, Adapt, Affect, Ambergris, Anchovy, Animal, Anti-whaling, Aquatic, Arctic, Arctic ocean, Ashore, Atlantic, Atmosphere, Attraction, Awe
B)Baleen, Barnacles, Behemoth, Beneath, Birds, Blowhole, Blubber, Body of water, Bottom, Breach, Breed, Bristles, Bubbles, Bull, Buoyancy
C)Calf, Cameras, Carcass, Catcher boat, Cavorting, Cetacean, Characteristics, Coastline, Color, Commerce, Communication, Consume, Continent, Cow, Creature, Current, Cuttlefish, Cycle
D)Data, Deep, Delight, Depth, Discovery, Distance, Distance, Dive, Diversity, Diving, Documentation, Domain, Dorsal
E)Echolocation, Effect, Elements, Elusive, Endangered, Energy, Enormous, Enormous, Environment, Exhale, Explode, Explore, Extinct
F)Features, Feeding, Filter, Fins, Fishing, Flenser, Flippers, Float, Flourish, Fluctuation, Fluke, Food, Force, Fossil
G)Giant, Global globe, Gulp
H)Habitat, Harpoon, Heave, Hemisphere, History, Humpback, Hunger, Hunt
I)Imperil, Industry, Influence, Inhale, Inquiry, Intelligence, IWC
K)Kelp, Killing, Krill
L)Leaping, Lemmer, Leviathan, Life, Limit, Living, Lunge-feeding, Lungs
M)Majesty, Mammal, Marine, Mid-ocean, Migration, Milk, Mix, Momentum, Monitor, Motion, Movement
N)Navigate, Numbers, Nutrient
O)Observe, Ocean, Oceanic, Oceanography, Offshore, Offshore, Offspring, Oil, Over hunt, Overfishing, Oxygen
P)Pacific, Peaceful, Phonation, Plankton, Plants, Plunge, Pod, Polar, Pollutant, Prey, Products, Protection
Q)Quantity, Quest
R)Range, Realm, Regulations, Renewal, Rescue, Research, Resource, Respectful, Reverence, Rhythm, Roll, Rotting
S)Schools, Science, Scientist, Sea, Sea creature, Sea water, Seaweed, Secrets, Shallow, Shells, Ships, Sideways, Skeleton, Slapping, Song, Sound, Specie, Species, Sperm oil, Spermaceti, Spew, Spout, Squid, Stranded, Strength, Studies, Submerge, Supply, Surface, Surface, Surge, Survival, Survival, Swell, Swim
T)Tail, Technology, Teeming, Temperate, Temperature, Thrive, Tide, Treatment, Tropical, Try pot, Trying out
U)Ubiquitous, Underwater, Unique, Universal
V)Variation, Vast, Vessel, Visible
W)Warm-blooded, Wash up, Watch, Water, Waters, Watery, Waves, Waves, Weather, Whale watching, Whalebone, Whaling, Whaling ground
Y)Yards from shore
Z)Zigzag, Zone

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Earth Day
Are you aware of these Whale facts:
beluga, narwhal = 10-15 feet
blue whale=largest animal, up to 100 feet long, weighing more than 100 short tons
sperm whale= can be underwater for 75 minutes

Whales Lesson Plan and discussion questions:
1. Describe why whales are hunted today
2. What role does the IWC (International Whaling Commission) play in protecting whales?
Name several ways that whales are different from fish
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