Slavery Vocabulary Word List (343)

A)Abduct, Abolitionist, Abraham Lincoln, Absolute, Abuse, Act, Actions, Adults, Advocate, Affect, Aim, Animosity, Arguments, Arrests, Assassination, Assault, Atrocity, Attacker, Attention, Attitude, Authority
B)Beatings, Befall, Behavior, Betray, Blacks, Bonds, Boys, Brazen, Brutality, Burning
C)Captive, Capture, Care, Carpetbagger, Caution, Chaotic, Charges, Civil rights, Claims, Clandestine, Clothing, Commerce, Commit, Communication, Compromise, Compromised, Condemnation, Condescending, Conditions, Confederate, Confiscate, Conflict, Control, Cotton, Crime, Crisis, Crops, Crosses, Cruelty, Culture
D)Damage, Darkies, Dead, Death, Debilitating, Deceive, Deceptive, Defensive, Deference, Defy, Denial, Despair, Destroy, Die, Differ, Differences, Disadvantage, Disaster, Disband, Discrimination, Disease, Disgrace, Disgusting, Disillusion, Disjointed, Dismay, Disregard, Dissolve, Distasteful, Disturbing, Domestic, Drama, Dread, Dred Scott, Dutiful, Dwellings
E)Economy, Education, Effects, Emancipate, Endurance, Enforce, Enslave, Episode, Exist, Experience
F)Failure, Faith, Families, Farming, Fear, Federal, FermenFlattery, Flaw, Flogging, Flourish, Force, Free, Freedom, Frighten, Frightened, Fugitive
G)Gathering, Girls, Goal, God-Given, Government, Group, Guard
H)Harriet Tubman, Hate crime, Hateful, Hatred, Heat, Helpful, Helpless, Hiding, Horrific, Horror, Hostility, House slave, Household, Housing, Huddle, Hymns
I)Ignominy, Illegal, Impact, Incite, Indenture, Indifference, Indigo, Informant, Inherit, Inhumane, Injury, Injustice, Intrigue, Investigate, Issue
J)Jobs, Join, Jurisdiction, Justify
K)Kidnap, Killing
L)Labor, Laborer, Language, Lashing, Legal, Liar, Lincoln, Long hours, Loyalty, Lynch
M)Manumission, Mask, Mason Dixon line, Master, Men, Mistakes, Mistress, Mistrust, Moral, Movement, Music
N)Name, Nat Turner, Nightmare, Numbers
O)Obedience, Obscene, Observe, Opinion, Opposition, Organize, Outbreak, Outcry, Outrage, Outwit, Overpower, Overrun, Overseer, Owner, Ownership
P)Pain, Pessimism, Philosophy, Picking, Plantation, Planting, Plot, Policed, Poor People, Population, Power, Powerful, Practice, Prejudice, Prevent, Prevention, Prey, Pro-slavery, Profits, Punishment, Purchase
Q)Quail, Quake, Quarters, Queasy, Quell, Quiet
R)Racial, Radical, Rampage, Rape, Rations, Rebellion, Reconstruction, Regional, Regret, Rejoicing, Release, Relief, Religion, Report, Repressed, Require, Resistance, Reward, Rice, Ride, Right, Run, Run away, Ruthless
S)Sabotage, Sacrifice, Safety, Sale, Scalawag, Secrecy, Security, Seeking, Segregate, Segregation, Selling, Separation, Servant, Shatter, Shelter, Shipment, Ships, Ships, Skills, Slave, Society, Songs, South, Southern, Southerners, Spirit, Spiritual, Spread, States, Stereotype, Strength, Struggle, Subdue, Subject to, Sugar Plantations, Support, Suppression, Survival, Symbol
T)Tension, Terrify, Terror, Terrorize, Threaten, Tobacco, Toil, Tone, Torture, Tradition, Treatment, Trigger, Turn against
U)Underground, Unlawful, Unnatural, Unpopular, Unwilling, Uproar
V)Victim, View, Violation, Violence, Violent, Visible, Visible, Vocalize
W)Wanton, Warning, Waste, Whipping, Widespread, Witness, Woe, Women, Workday, Working, Worry, Wrongs
Y)Years, Yield, Yoke, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealot
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