Law Enforcement and Police Vocabulary Word List (463)

A)Abuse, Academy, Accessory, Accidental, Accomplice, Accord, Accused, Action, Administer, Adopt, Affect, Affidavit, Against, Agency, Agent, Agreement, Alias, Alibi, Alienate, Appeal, Appoint, Appraisal, Armed, Arraignment, Arrest, Arson, Aspect, Assault, Assignment, Assistance, Attachment, Attitude, Attorney, Authority, Authorize, Autopsy
B)Backup, Badge, Bail, Ballistics, Bankruptcy, Bargain, Basis, Battery, Beat, Behavior, Belief, Blackmail, Bloodstain, Bobby, Bomb squad, Bond, Branch, Breach, Bribery, Brutal, Burden, Burglary
C)Capability, Captain, Capture, Career, Case, Cease fire, Challenge, Character, Charges, Cheat, Citizen, Civil, Claim, Code, Cold case, Collusion, Commission, Commit, Common-law, Community property, Community service, Complication, Conduct, Confession, Consent, Consideration, Conspiracy, Constable, Constitution, Contempt, Convict, Cooperation, Cop, Coroner, Corruption, Counterfeit, Court, Credit theft, Crime, Criminal, Criminal justice system, Criminology
D)Damage, Danger, Dangerous, Deal, Dealings, Decision, Dedication, Deed, Defendant, Defense, Deliberate, Delinquency, Democratic, Denial, Department, Deputy, Details, Detain, Detection, Detective, Determination, Deviant, Direct, Discovery, Disobedience, Dispatch, Disregard, District attorney, Documentation, Documents, Drugs, Duty
E)Educate, Education, Effect, Embezzle, Emphasis, Enable, Encumber, Enforce, Entail, Equality, Equipment, Ethical, Eviction, Evidence, Examinations, Examine, Execute, Experience, Expert, Extort, Extradition, Extreme
F)Failure, Fairness, Fake, Family, FBI, Fear, Federal, Felony, Fight, Fine, Fingerprint, Follow-up, Footprints, Force, Forgery, Formal charge, Fraud, Freedom, Friends, Full-scale, Fundamental
G)Gangs, Government, Grand theft, Guarantee, Guard, Guilty, Gun
H)Handle, Harmful, Helicopter, Helpful, Hiding, High-powered rifle, Hijack, Hire, Homicide, Honesty, Honor, Hostage, Hunch
I)Identity theft, Illegal, Immoral, Impeach, Imprison, Inappropriate, Incompetent, Indictment, Influence, Informant, Information, Initiative, Injury, Innocent, Inquest, Intelligence, Interests, Interference, INTERPOL, Interpretation, Interstate, Intuition, Investigate, Investigation, Irregular, Issue
J)Jail, John Doe, Joy, Judge, Judgment, Judicial, Jury, Justice, Juvenile
K)Kidnapping, Kin
L)Laboratory, Larceny, Law, Lawfully, Lawsuit, Lawyer, Lease, Legacy, Legal, Libel, Liberty, License, Lie detector, Lien, Lieutenant, Limits, Long hours, Lynch
M)Mace, Maintain, Majority, Malice, Malpractice, Manslaughter, Mayhem, Metal detector, Minority, Misdemeanor, Mission, Moratorium, Motorist, Murder
N)Nasty, Negligent, Negotiable, Negotiate, Neighborhood, Notation, Notification, Nuisance
O)Oath, Obedience, Obey, Obligation, Offender, Offense, Officer, Official, Opinion, Opportunity, Order, Organize, Ownership
P)Paperwork, Partner with, Partnership, Patrol, Pedestrian, Penalize, Penalty, Perjury, Perpetrator, Persistence, Petition, Petty, Phony, Plainclothes officer, Plead, Police, Police academy, Power, Precedent, Prevention, Previous, Principle, Prior, Prison, Private, Probable cause, Probation officer, Problems, Procedure, Professional, Proof, Property, Prosecutor, Protection, Provision, Public, Punishment
Q)Qualification, Quality, Quantify, Quantity, Quarrel, Quell, Quest, Question, Quickly, Quirk
R)Radar, Rank, Reason, Record, Recruit, Redress, Reduction, Referendum, Refute, Regulations, Reinforcement, Reject, Repeal, Reported, Reports, Reprobate, Reputation, Resist, Responsibility, Restraining order, Restriction, Rights, Riot, Robbery, Rogue, Rules, Rulings
S)Sabotage, Safeguard, Safety, Sanction, Savvy, Scene, Scheme, Sealed record, Search and rescue team, Search warrant, Secret, Seize, Selection, Sentence, Sergeant, Seriousness, Services, Sheriff, Shyster, Sighting, Situation, Skillful, Slander, Slaying, Smuggling, Solution, Solve, Sorrow, Squad, Statute, Statute of limitation, Stealing, Stipulation, Stolen, Subdue, Subpoena, Succor, Summons, Suppress, Surveillance, Suspect, Suspected, Suspicion, Suspicious, Sworn, System
T)Tactic, Tantamount, Technique, Testify, Testimony, Threaten, Threatening, Thwart, Traffic, Transaction, Transfer, Treatment, Trespass, Trial, Trooper, Trust
U)Unacceptable, Unauthorized, Unclaimed, Unconstitutional, Undercover, Underpaid, Unintentional, Unique, Unit, Unjust, Unknown, Unlawful, Unlikely, Uphold
V)Vagrancy, Vandalism, Veteran, Victim, Victimize, Vigilante, Violate, Violation, Volume, Volunteer
W)Wanted poster, Ward, Warrant, Weapon, Will, Wiretap, Wisdom, Witness, Writ, Wrong
Y)Yell, Yelp, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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Law Enforcement and Police Lesson Plans and Discussion Questions

1. In order to become a police officer, what kind of education does a man or woman need? What would make one officer more competent than other?

2. What kinds of efforts in communities make people respect the police department? Give examples.

3. When an officer serves in the police department, what kinds of internal jobs might he/she want to pursue in their careers?

4. What legal charges can officers bring against dishonest perpetrators? Charges could include grand theft auto, fraud, identity theft , larceny, etc. offers more than 710 word lists. To see Police, Law Enforcement and Safety vocabulary word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive word puzzles and themed content with Latin word roots that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees, no registration.