Friendship Vocabulary Word List (174)

A)Admiration, Affable, Affection, Affectionate, Allegiance, Always, Amiable, Attachments, Attitude, Attract, Attraction, Attractive, Available
B)Beautiful, Believable, Best friend, Birthdays, Blessing, Bonds, Boyfriend, Brave, Buddy
C)Call, Camaraderie, Care, Caring, Charm, Cheerful, Comfort, Commitment, Communication, Companion, Companionship, Compatible, Confide, Confidential, Connect, Connection, Conscientious, Considerate, Consideration, Contact, Cordial, Counsel, Cozy
D)Date, Dear, Devoted, Devotion, Diners, Discerning, Discovery
E)E-mail, Easy-going, Embrace, Emotion, Emotional, Empathic, Encouragement, Endear, Endure, Engage, Excite
F)Faithful, Family, Fascinate, Favor, Favorite, Fellowship, Fiance, Flourish, Flowers, Fond of, Forgiving, Friends, Friendship, Funny
G)Generous, Gentle, Gifts, Girlfriend, Giving, Goodness
H)Happy, Healing, Heart, Heartfelt, Honest, Honey, Honor, Hug
I)Idolize, Important, Inclined, Inseparable
K)Karma, Kind, Kisses
L)Lasting, Lifelong, Like, Likes, Listener, Love, Loyal
M)Mainly, Miss, Mostly, Mutual
O)Omnipresent, Only one, Open
P)Pal, Peaceful, Personality, Phone, Powerful, Precious, Profess, Protect
Q)Quality, Quantity
R)Regard, Relationship, Remember, Remembrance, Respectful, Restaurant, Romance
S)Same, Secrets, See, Selfless, Sensitive, Sharing, Shelter, Show, Similar, Sincere, Smiling, Sociable, Soul mate, Special, Support, Sweet, Sympathetic
T)Tactful, Telephone, Tender, Text, Therapy, Thoughtful, Time spent, Together, Travel, True, Trustworthy, Truthful
U)Unique, Us, Usual
W)Warm-hearted, Warmth, Well-intentioned, Winning, Wisdom, Wonderful
Y)Yearning, Years, Youth
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