Emotions, Feelings, Mood Vocabulary Word List (209)

A)Admiration, Adorable, Affectionate, Afraid, Aggravate, Aggressive, Agitated, Alarm, Alive, Angry, Annoyed, Anticipate, Anxiety, Appreciated, Arrogance, Ashamed, Authoritative, Aversion, Awe, Awful
B)Belligerent, Bitter, Blue, Blunt, Bold, Bored, Brilliant, Bullying
C)Callous, Cautious, Cheerful, Clever, Combative, Comical, Compassionate, Contemptuous, Content, Contrary, Cool, Cordial, Covetous, Cranky, Cross, Cruelty, Curious
D)Dainty, Defeated, Defiant, Dejected, Delighted, Despair, Devoted, Disagreeable, Disciplined, Discontent, Disgust, Distaste, Doubtful, Dread, Dutiful, Dynamic
E)Elated, Enraged, Envy, Evil, Excited, Exhausted, Exhilaration, Exuberance
F)Fearful, Fearless, Feisty, Fierce, Flattered, Folksy, Forgiving, Forlorn, Frustrated, Furious, Fury
G)Gay, Generous, Gentle, Glee, Grateful, Greedy
H)Happy, Harsh, Hatred, Haughty, Heroic, Honest, Honored, Hope, Horror, Hostile, Hunch
I)Ignored, Imaginative, Impartial, Impatient, Inconsiderate, Indifferent, Innocent, Inquisitive, Insensitivity, Insightful, Inspired, Intolerance, Intuitive, Ire, Irritate, Isolated
J)Jealous, Joy
K)Kind, Kindred
L)Lazy, Lively, Loathing, Lonely, Love, Lucky
M)Mad, Malice, Mean, Meek, Melancholy, Mollified
N)Nasty, Natural, Naughty, Nervous
O)Obnoxious, Obstinate, Outraged, Outstanding, Overjoyed
P)Pain, Panic, Patient, Perky, Perturb, Pity, Powerful, Pride
R)Rage, Rapturous, Relaxed, Reliable, Relief, Reluctant, Repentant, Repulsive, Resent, Resigned, Resistant, Restrained, Reverent, Revulsion, Ridiculed, Rough, Rude
S)Sad, Satisfy, Scornful, Severe, Shame, Sick, Silly, Sixth sense, Skillful, Sorrow, Spite, Stubborn, Sure, Surprise, Sweet
T)Tame, Tempted, Tender, Tense, Terse, Tired, Trepidation
U)Uncertain, Understood, Unhappy
V)Valiant, Victorious, Vindictive, Violent, Vocal, Vociferous
W)Wary, Weary, Weird, Wicked, Wise, Woeful, Wonder, Worrier, Worthy, Wrath
Z)Zeal, Zealous
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