Tropical Rain Forests

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Vocabulary Word List: 60 words: aboriginal, adaptability, aftermath, attribute, balance, bromeliad, calamity, camouflage, canopies, cascade, conservation, conundrum, crevice, decimate, defoliate, density, deplete, dire, ecosystem, encroach, endangered, environment, extinct, fauna, fledging, flora, foliage, gamut, humidity, husbandry, inhabitant, integral, intermittent, jungle, menagerie, odoriferous, parrots, pervasive, plethora, plunder, precarious, precipitation, predator, prey, primitive, pristine, profuse, quintessential, redolent, remote, reparations, robust, species, succumb, survival, tranquil, tropical, utopia, waterfalls, wildlife

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Vocabulary Word List for Tropical Rain Forests (392)

  • A)

    Absorption, Abundance, Access, Accessibility, Accommodate, Acid-rain, Adaptation, Advocacy, Advocate, Air plants, Alternatives, Amazon, Amphibians, Appreciation, Aquatic, Atmosphere, Attraction, Awesome

  • B)

    Backlash, Bacteria, Balance, Barren, Beauty, Benefit, Biodegradable, Biodiversity, Biota, Birds, Bog, Boost, Botanical, Boundary, Bountiful, Breeze, Brilliant, Bromeliad, Bug, Buttress, Buzz

  • C)

    Canopy, Capacity, Carbon dioxide, Care, Catastrophe, Category, Chemicals, Clean-up, Climate, Clouds, Coastal, Combustible, Commercial, Commitment, Community, Condensation, Conservation, Conserve, Conspicuous, Contiguous, Contribution, Conviction, Covering, Creation, Creature, Crown, Crucial, Curb, Current, Cynicism

  • D)

    Damage, Decay, Decline, Decompose, Defoliate, Deforestation, Demise, Density, Denude, Deplete, Deplorable, Deposits, Destructive, Detection, Devastation, Development, Difference, Direction, Disaster, Discovery, Disease, Disposable, Diversity, Documentary, Dramatize, Drench, Drought, Dynamic

  • E)

    Earth, Ecological, Ecology, Ecosystem, Efficiency, Elimination, Emission, Encroach, Endangered, Endemic, Energy, Enigmatic, Environment, Envision, Epicenter, Equator, Eradicate, Erode, Erosion, Evaporation, Evergreen, Evidence, Evolution, Exclusive, Exhaustion, Expanse, Experience, Exploration, Extinction

  • F)

    Failure, Fault, Fauna, Feature, Fern, Fertile, Fibrous, Flora, Flourish, Fluorescence, Food chain, Forestry, Fumigation, Fuss

  • G)

    Galvanize, Gander, Gases, Global, Greed, Green, Greenhouse, Groundwater, Guideline

  • H)

    Habitat, Harbor, Hazard, Haze, Herbicide, Humidity, Hurricane

  • I)

    Impact, Improvements, Incineration, Indigenous, Influence, Inhabit, Initiative, Inquiry, Insects, Insight, Inspiration, Intense, Interference, Inundation, Invade, Investigation

  • J)

    Journalists, Journey, Jungle

  • K)

    Keen, Keep

  • L)

    Landmark, Landscape, Layer, Lianas, Lower canopy

  • M)

    Magical, Magnificence, Magnificent, Mammals, Management, Marsh, Maximization, Metamorphosis, Methane, Microbes, Mildew, Moratorium, Morphology, Mortality, Moss, Motion, Movement, Mulch

  • N)

    Nascent, National, Native, Natural, Nature, Neglect, Nitrogen, Nontoxic, Nutrients

  • O)

    Obliterate, Occupy, Official, Onslaught, Ooze, Opposition, Organism, Organization, Original, Overlook, Ozone

  • P)

    Parasite, Passionate, Peril, Permutation, Pesticide, Pests, Petrify, Plants, Plentiful, Pollutant, Pollute, Popular, Popularity, Precipitation, Predator, Predict, Prehistoric, Preservation, Pressure, Pride, Primeval, Pristine, Prize, Proclaim, Prognosis, Program, Progress, Projection, Propagation, Property, Prosperity, Protection, Protest, Public

  • Q)

    Query, Quest, Questions, Quiet

  • R)

    Rainwater, Recipient, Reclamation, Recognition, Record, Rectify, Refuge, Reliance, Remains, Renewable, Replica, Repository, Reproduction, Reptiles, Rescue, Reserves, Resilience, Resolve, Respect, Restoration, Revitalize, Revival, Rights, Risk, Role, Roots, Rot, Ruin

  • S)

    Safety, Salinity, Salute, Salvage, Science, Scientist, Scrap, Sediment, Sentiment, Shelter, Shortage, Skepticism, Slide, Smoke, Solar, Soluble, Species, Speculation, Speech, Spew, Spiel, Splendid, Spotlight, Sprawl, Staunch, Stewardship, Storm, Strangler trees, Stress, Stunning, Success, Sun, Sunlight, Supply, Support, Surface, Survival, Survive, Sustainable, Swamp, Symbiosis, Symptom, Synergy

  • T)

    Taint, Task, Temperate, Temperature, Terrain, Thermal springs, Thrive, Thundershower, Timber, Toil, Toxic, Toxin, Tract, Treatment, Trespass, Tribute, Triumph, Tropical, Trumpet, Tsunami

  • U)

    Ultimate, Ultraviolet rays, Undeveloped, Unique, Unspoiled, Uplifting, Upper canopy, Uproot

  • V)

    Valuable, Vanish, Vapor, Vegetation, Venue, Versatile, Vested interest, Vigilance, Violation, Visible, Vision, Vista, Volatile, Volcano, Volunteers, Vulnerable

  • W)

    Wallow, Waste, Water, Waterfall, Weather, Weeds, White water, Wildlife, Wind, Winner, World, World-class, Worldwide, Wreck

  • X)


  • Y)


  • Z)

    Zealous, Zero-tolerance, Zone

Rain Forests Lesson Plan subjects:

1. In what countries does heavy rainfall occur that would allow tropical rain forests?
2. What makes the plant life interesting to scientists in rain forests?
3. What kinds of plants grow on tree branches? Why?
4. Animals live in the upper and lower canopies of a rain forest. Name some of them and explain how they can live at various levels, even on the ground.
5. If people live in rain forests, how do they survive? Can you give a few examples?
6. Explain what factors make an area a rain forest? offers more than 610 word lists. To see Science word lists , please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content with Latin roots that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are no fees and no ads.