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Veterans' Day Vocabulary Word List (312)
A)Accolades, Activities, Adjustment, Admiration, Advantages, Affect, Alliance, Americana, Ancestors, Anniversary, Anthem, Applause, Appreciation, Ardent, Arlington cemetery, Attachments, Attitude, Awe
B)Band, Banners, Baton twirling, Battlefield, Belonging, Benefits, Birth, Blast, Blessings, Boisterous, Boots, Bravery, Buddies, Burial
C)Cadence, Career, Cavalcade, Celebrate, Celebration, Cemetery, Charming, Citizen(s), Citizenship, Civic, Combat, Command, Commemorate, Common, Communication, Companionship, Concentration, Constitution, Contribution, Conversation, Cooperation, Coordinate, Corps, Country, Countryside, Courage, Crescendo, Crew mates, Culture
D)Dangerous, Dazzling, Declaration, Decoration, Decorum, Dedication, Defense, Democracy, Detonate, Detonation, Devotion, Dignitaries, Dignity, Dramatic, Dream, Duffel, Duty
E)Educational, Effect, Emotional, Encounter, Endure, Energy, Ensure, Entertainment, Equality, Equine, Exchanges, Expectations, Experience, Explode, Explosion
F)Family, Fascination, Fatherland, Feast, Feeling, Fighting, Fireworks, Flag, Flights, Flowers, Food, Forefather, Forever, Free, Freedom, Friendships
G)Gatherings, Glitter, Glory, Goal, Goals, Good name, Grandeur, Gratitude, Grave, Graveyard, Groups
H)Habitual, Harrowing, Haunting, Heartfelt, Herald, Heritage, Hero, History, Holiday, Home, Homecoming, Homeland, Honor, Hooray, Hope(s), Hospital, Hospitality, Humble
I)Ideal(s), Illusions, Imagery, Imagination, Immortality, Importance, Inalienable, Independence, Indulgence, Informative, Injuries, Insight, Insignia, Insurance, Integral
J)Join, Joy, Joyful, Joyous
K)Keen, Killing, Kin, Kindness
L)Laud, Laughter, Leave, Legendary, Liberation, Liberty, Life, Love, Loyalty
M)Maim, March, Medal, Medal of Honor, Memorial, Memories, Men, Military, Mission, Music, Musical, Mutual
N)Nation, National, Native, Nonsense, Nostalgia
O)Objectives, Occasion, Official(s), Oneness, Opportunities, Opportunity, Options, Order, Organization, Overcome, Overseas, Overwhelming
P)Parade, Participation, Passionate, Patriot, Patriotic, Patriotism, Peace, Perennial, Picnic, Pilot, Pomp, Prayer, Preservation, Preserve, Pride, Privilege, Protect, Public service, Pyrotechnics
Q)Quaint, Query, Quest, Questions, Quick, Quiet
R)Rambling, Recall, Recognition, Recollections, Recreation, Refreshment, Rejoicing, Relatives, Relaxation, Reminisce, Republic, Reputation, Respect, Responsibility, Rest, Reunion, Reverence, Ribbons, Rights, Rituals, Rocket
S)Sacrifices, Sailor, Salute, Selfless, Separation, Service, Sharing, Ship, Shrine, Sincere, Slogan, Solace, Soldier, Solemn, Special, Spirit, Stars, Streamers, Stress, Stripes, Super-patriot, Support, Surprise, Survivor, Symbol, Symbolism
T)Terrain, Territory, Toasting, Traditions, Training, Tribute
U)Unbelievable, Uniform, Unify, Union, Unison, Unite, Universal
V)Valiant, Valor, Values, Versatile, Veteran, Veterans Administration, Victory, Vision, Visionary, Vital
W)War, Wave, Waving, Wearing, Weary, Welfare, Widespread, Willingness, Wisdom, Women, Worship, Wounds
Y)Yearn, Yelling
Z)Zeal, Zest
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