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    Context: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4a, 3.4a, 4.4a, 5.4a, 6.4a, 7.4a, 8.4a, 9-10.4a, 11-12.4a

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    New Years Day, Jan. 1 Vocabulary Word List (202)

    A)Anticipation, Artistry, Atmosphere, Attire, Auld Lang Syne, Authentic, Awe, Awesome
    B)Backward, Balloons, Balls, Bands, Banquet, Barricades, Beads, Beginnings, Behavior, Bells, Boisterous, Bold
    C)Cacophony, Calendar, Catering, Celebrate, Champagne, Cheers, Clamor, Clock, Confetti, Convivial, Creative, Creativity, Crowds, Culmination, Culture, Customs
    D)Dances, Decorations, Demonstrations, Desire, Dinner, Dramatic, Drinking
    E)Ecstatic, Elegance, End, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, Eve, Exceptional, Expectant, Extravagance, Extravaganza
    F)Faithful, Family, Famous, Fancy dress, Feast, Fervid, Festive, Festivities, Fireworks, Floats, Folly, Food, Football games, Friends, Friendship
    G)Games, Gatherings, Genuine, Global, Glow, Goofy, Gourmet, Grand, Gregorian calendar
    H)Hangover, Happy, Hats, Hooray, Horns, Host, Hostess
    I)Imaginative, Individuality, Industrious, Ingenuous, Innovative, Inspirational, Intense, International
    J)January, Janus, Jazz, Jocular, Joy, Joyful, Jubilant
    K)Kinship, Kisses
    L)Laughter, Liquor, Litter, Loitering, Loud, Luminescence, Lunar New Year
    M)Magic, Mass, Merrymaking, Midnight, Mob, Momentum, Music
    N)Necklace, Noise, Noisemakers, Nonsense
    O)Observance, Observation, Opportunity, Outrageous, Ovation, Oysters
    P)Parade, Parties, Party, Party favors, Percussion, Phenomenon, Popular, Pretentious, Priorities
    Q)Quality, Quantity, Quest, Questions
    R)Recognition, Reflection, Resolutions, Resourcefulness, Responsive, Reveler, Ridiculous, Riot, Ritual, Rose Bowl parade, Roses, Rosh Hashanah
    S)Sequins, Shakers, Sharing, Shrimp, Sirens, Souvenirs, Special, Spirit, Stilt walkers, Streamers, Streetcar, Success, Successful, Sumptuous, Surprises
    T)Tantalize, Teamwork, Tenacious, Times Square, Tolerant, Tourists, Traditional, Traditions, Trinkets, Twelfth Night
    U)Ultimate, Unanimous, Unfolding, Unique, United, Unity, Uptown
    V)Validation, Vigilant, Vigorous, Visible, Vow
    W)Watching, Waving, Welcoming, Willingness, Winning, Wisdom, Wishes, World, Worthy
    Y)Yearly, Yearning, Yelling
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    New Year's Eve and Day is an international celebration. People welcome the new year in different ways, often with different customs.
    Discuss the advent of the calendar and how many countries accept the beginning of a new year.
    In AUSTRIA New Year's eve is known as Sylverterabend
    In CHINA the New Year is referred to as the Lunar New Year
    In FRANCE New Year's is known as Jour des Etrennes
    In GREAT BRITAIN, the British use a term, "First Footing."
    In ISRAEL Jews mark the New Year with the celebration of Rosh Hashanah