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    Horticulture, Flowers, Plants Vocabulary Word List (330)
    A)Abundance, Adaptation, Aeration, Agriculture, Algae, Amount, Annual, Anther, Aphid, Aroma, Aromatic, Arrangement, Atmosphere, Available
    B)Backyard, Balance, Beautiful, Beauty, Bedding, Beetles, Biennial, Biodegradable, Biological, Blight, Bloom, Blooming, Blossom, Bog, Border, Botanical, Botanist, Bountiful, Bouquet, Breeder, Bulbs, Butterflies
    C)Change, Circulation, Classification, Clay, Climate, Clippings, Cluster, Colorful, Community, Conditions, Conservation, Consistency, Container, Contaminate, Cultivate, Cultivation, Cuttings, Cycles
    D)Dainty, Damage, Deadhead, Deciduous, Decomposition, Decoration, Decorative, Dedication, Delicate, Depth, Destruction, Develop, Devise, Digging, Disease, Disperse, Distribution, Diversity, Division, Domain, Dormancy, Dormant, Drainage, Dried flowers, Drip system, Drought
    E)Ecology, Edible, Elements, Embed, Emitter, Energy, Environment, Eradicate, Erosion, Evaporation, Evolve, Exotic, Expanse, Experience, Experiment, Exposure
    F)Feathered friends, Fertilization, Filtering, Flora, Floral, Florist, Flourish, Flow, Flowering, Foliage, Foliage, Fragile, Fragrant, Frond, Frost, Fumigation, Fungus
    G)Garden, Gardener, Generate, Genus, Germination, Graft, Grassy, Green thumb, Greenhouse, Ground cover, Grove, Growth
    H)Habitat, Hanging basket, Hardy, Harvest, Heirloom, Heliotrope, Herb, Horticulture, Host, Houseplant, Hue, Humidity, Hummingbirds, Humus, Hybrid
    I)Implement, Indoors, Insects, Installation, Interaction, Interconnection, Inundate, Involve, Irresistible, Irrigation
    J)Jeopardy, Judge, Judgment, Juxtapose
    K)Keepsake, Key, Kingdom
    L)Landscape, Leaf, Legume, Lichen, Loam, Location, Lopper, Low-cost, Luxuriant
    M)Mass, Materials, Mature, Meadow, Mildew, Miracle-gro, Moisture, Mold, Moss, Mulch
    N)Needles, Needs, Niche, Nitrogen, Noticeable, Nursery, Nurture, Nutrient
    O)Oasis, Open, Orderly, Organic, Original, Ornamental, Outdoors, Over-harvest, Overgrown
    P)Palette, Park, Patch, Pattern, Perennial, Perforation, Perfume, Pesticide, Pests, Petals, Phloem, Photosynthesis, Planter, Plantings, Plumbing, Pollen, Pollination, Popularity, Population, Port plug, Potting soil, Prairie, Precipitation, Predator, Preserve, Pressure, Prevention, Proliferate, Prolong, Prominence, Propagate, Prune
    Q)Quality, Quantity
    R)Rain, Rainfall, Raise, Rake, Ramble, Range, Rare, Rectify, Reducer, Regulate, Relationship, Remote, Resistance, Resource, Rhizome, Rhythm, Rock garden, Roto-tiller
    S)Sample, Sand, Saturation, Secure, Sediment, Seed, Seedlings, Seeds, Selection, Shade, Shear, Shrub, Simplicity, Slug, Snail, Sod, Soil, Sow, Specie, Species, Spray, Sprig, Spring, Sprinkler, Sprout, Stakes, Stoma, Subsoil, Succulent, Suitable, Summer, Sunshine, Surroundings, Survival, Symbiosis
    T)Taproot, Temperatures, Threat, Thrive, Tolerance, Tools, Toxic, Transmit, Transplant, Trunk, Tuber
    U)Underground, Unexpected, Unique, Universal, Unusual, Usage
    V)Value, Valve, Variation, Variety, Various, Vascular, Vase, Vegetation, Verdant, Versatile, Vigilance, Vigorous, Vine, Volume
    W)Warmth, Wasteful, Water, Water supply, Water-saving, Watering can, Weather, Well-drained, Wetlands, Widespread, Window box, Wither, Woodlands
    X)Xeriscape, Xylem
    Z)Zeal, Zygophyte
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    Common plants/shrubs/trees word list:
    A: African violet, agapanthus, ageratum, astroemeria, alyssum, amaryllis, anemone, angelonia, aster, azalea
    B: begonia, black-eyed Susan, bluebell, boxwood, burning bush, buttercup, butterfly bush, buttercup
    C: calla lily, cactus, calendula, carnation, chrysanthemum, clematis, coreopsis, cornflower, cottonwood, crocus, cyclamen
    D: daffodil, dahlia, daisy, day lily, delphinium, Dutch elm
    E: echinacea, echinops, edelweiss, eglantine
    F: forget-me-not, forsythia, foxglove, fuchsia
    G: gaillardia, gardenia. geranium, gladiolus, goldenrod
    H: harebells, hibiscus, hollyhock, hosta, hyacinth, hydrangea I: impatiens, Indian paintbrush, iris, ivy
    J: jack-in-the-pulpit, jasmine, Jerusalem sage, jonquil
    L: lantana, lavender, liatris, lilac, lily, lily of the valley, lupine
    M: maple, marguerite, marigold, melampodium, mum, myrtle
    N: narcissus, nasturtium
    O: oleander, orchid, ornamental kale
    P: pansy, peony, petunia, phlox, pinks, porcupine grass
    Q: Queen Anne’s lace
    R: ranunculus, rhododendron, rose, rudbeckia
    S: sage, salvia, sedum, snapdragon, snowball, stonecrop, strawberries, sunflower, sweet pea
    T: thistle, tulip
    V: verbena, veronica, viburnum, viola, violet
    W: waterlily, wildflower, willow, wisteria
    Y: yarrow, yucca
    Z: zinnia
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    Horticulture, Flowers, Plants tips from the Middle Ages
    1.To keep bugs away from strawberries, plant borage
    2. Plant lovage next to or near tomatoes
    3. Keep hyssop close to grapes
    4. Catnip branches repel Japanese beetles
    5. Valerian brings worms up to the top of the earth and aerates soil
    6. Marigolds smell and usually bugs hate their odor

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