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    Government-Constitution Vocabulary Word List (230)

    A)Acts, Administration, Adoption, Advantage, Advice, Advise, Advocate, Affiliation, Agenda, Agreement, Allocate, AMENDMENT, Article, Assist, Attitude, Authority, Authorization
    B)Balance, Ballot, Basic, Belief, Bicameral, Bill of Rights, Bipartisan, Bipartisanship, Branch, Budget, Bureaucracy
    C)Cabinet, Campaign, Candidate, Capital, Caucus, Check, Citizenship, Clause, Cloture, Committee, CONCEIVE, Concurrent, Conduct, Congress, Consent, Constituent, Constitution, Contribute, Contribution, Control, Cooperation, Council, Court, Courtesy, Crossover, Curtail
    D)Debate, Debt, Decision, Deficit, Delay, Delegate, Democracy, Department, Detente, Direct, Doctrine, Domestic
    E)Efficacy, Election, Electoral College, Enforce, Engage, Enterprise, ENUMERATE, Equality, ESTABLISH, Evidence, Exclusive, Executive Branch, Exemplify, Expire, Express
    F)Faction, Federal, FEDERALISM, Filibuster, First Amendment, Founding Fathers
    G)Gerrymandering, Goal, Government, Grant, Guilt
    I)Ideals, Identification, Ideology, Illegal, Impact, Impeach, Implied, Impound, Inadmissible, Inalienable, Incumbent, Inefficiency, Influence, Inherent, Initiative, Insight, Interpretation, Interstate
    J)Job, Joint, Judgment, Judicial
    L)Lame duck, Law, Leader, Legal, LEGISLATIVE, Legislator, Legislature, Lobby, Lobbyist, Local
    M)Machine, Major, Majority, Management, Maritime, Meeting, Member, Minority
    N)Nation, National, Nominate
    O)Official, Oligarchy, ORDAIN, Outcome, Override
    P)Parties, Partisan, PERFECT, PERPETUATE, Petition, Philosophy, Policy, Political party, Poll, Popular, Population, POSTERITY, Power, Presidential, Prevent, Primary, Procedure, Process, Proper, Protection, Public, Public domain, Punishment, Purpose
    Q)Quality, Quest
    R)Range, RATIFICATION, Recall, Referendum, Representative, REPUBLIC, Requirement, Reserve, Responsibility, Restraint, Review, Reward, Rights, Rule safe seat
    S)Search, SECURE, Security, Sedition, Seizure, Select, Separation, Share, Signature, SIMULTANEOUS, Speaker of the House, Special interest, Spending, Split, State, Status, Strict, Successful, Suffrage, Support, Supreme, System
    T)Tax, Technique, Tension, Term, Threaten, Ticket, TRANQUILITY, Two-thirds, Tyranny
    U)Unconstitutional, Unicameral, UNIQUENESS, Unity, Unpopular
    V)Various, Veto, Violation, Vital, Vote
    W)Ward, Wealth, Whip, Wide, Worthy
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    Government and Constitution lesson plan and discussion questions:
    1. In what document, adopted in 1791, can you find ten amendments to the Constitution?
    2. Explain the term, "New Federalism"
    3. What branches of the US government enforces laws?
    4. What does the term "filibuster" mean?
    5. How many members are there in the House of Representatives? In the Senate? How many from each state?
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