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    Context: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4a, 3.4a, 4.4a, 5.4a, 6.4a, 7.4a, 8.4a, 9-10.4a, 11-12.4a

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    George Washington Vocabulary Word List (333)

    A)Ability, Accepting, Accomplishment, Accountability, Acknowledge, Active, Admiration, Advice, Advise, Advocacy, Aid, Altruism, Appeal, Appease, Appreciation, Arrangement, Articulate, Aspiration, Asset, Assumption, Attentive, Attitude, Audience, Authority, Awe
    B)Behavior, Belief, Bold, Bond, Brave, Bridge
    C)Career, Cause, Celebration, Challenge, Chance, Change, Chaos, Character, Charismatic, Charm, Citizen, Civility, Clout, Coherent, Commitment, Common ground, Common-sense, Communicative, Community, Compassion, Complication, Comprehension, Compromising, Confidence, Conflict, Congress, Conscientious, Consideration, Constant, Contradiction, Control, Cooperation, Cordiality, Counsel, Country, Courage, Critical, Criticism, Curiosity
    D)Daring, Decent, Decisive, Deed, Defeat, Definition, Demonstrate, Determination, Devote, Devotion, Difference, Dignity, Diligent, Diplomatic, Discipline, Discouragement, Discreet, Disregard, Dream, Dynamic, Dynamism
    E)Earnest, Efficiency, Effort, Encouragement, Energetic, Ensure, Enthusiastic, Equality, Essential, Esteemed, Estimable, Ethical, Evaluation, Eventual, Expectant, Expectation, Experience
    F)Fairness, Faith, Famous, Flexible, Focus, Foresight, Forte, Fortitude, Freedom
    G)Galvanize, Generation, Generosity, Genius, Genteel, Genuine, Gift, Grace, Gratitude, Greatness, Guidance
    H)Hard work, Harmony, Helpful, Hero, History, Holiday, Homage, Honesty, Honor, Honorable, Hopeful, Humble, Humility
    I)Idealistic, Ideology, Illuminate, Impact, Improvements, Industrious, Influential, Information, Initiate, Innovative, Insightful, Inspirational, Instinctive, Instructive, Integrity, Intense, Intention, Interest, Intricate, Intuitive, Investigative, Ire, Irrefutable, Issues
    J)Judgment, Just(ice)
    K)Kindred, Kinship
    L)Legendary, Legitimacy, Listener, Loyalty
    M)Mastery, Measure, Merit, Meritorious, Moderate, Modesty, Morale, Motivation, Mutual
    N)National, Natural, Needs, Noble
    O)Observance, Open-minded, Optimism, Orator, Order, Outspoken
    P)Patient, Patriot, Patriotism, Peacemaker, Perceptive, Peril, Perseverance, Persistence, Personable, Personal, Persuasive, Popular, Potent, Potential, Powerful, Praise, Precedent, Pressure, Principled, Principles, Priorities, Privilege, Profile, Proper, Proposal, Provide, Provocative, Public, Purposeful
    Q)Qualifications, Quality, Quest, Quick, Quiescent
    R)Rational, Rationale, Reality, Reasonable, Recognition, Reconcile, Record, Reflective, Reform, Regard, Relationship, Reliant, Relief, Relief, Rescue, Resilience, Resolute, Resourcefulness, Respect, Respectful, Respectful, Responsibility, Responsible, Responsive, Restoration, Restraint, Revelation, Reverent, Rights, Rigorous, Role
    S)Sagacious, Sage, Security, Sensible, Sensitive, Service, Setback, Sharing, Sincerity, Skill, Solemn, Solitary, Soul, Special, Speculation, Spirit, Spotlight, Staunchness, Strive, Subdue, Success, Successful, Supportive, Sympathetic
    T)Tactful, Talent, Teamwork, Temperament, Tenacious, Tendency, Thankful, Tolerance, Tolerant, Tone, Tradition, Trait, Trustworthy, Truthful
    U)Ultimate, Understanding, Understatement, Unification, Unique, United, Unity, Unprecedented, Unpretentious, Upright, Upstanding, Useful
    V)Valiant, Values, Veracity, Versatile, Victory, Vigilant, Vigorous, Virtuous, Visible, Vision, Vocal, Voice, Vulnerable
    W)War, Watchful, Willingness, Wisdom, Wise, Woes, Worthwhile, Worthy
    Y)Yearning, Yielding
    Z)Zeal, Zealous
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