Greek Mythology Words ==> Alphabetical - 56 Greek Mythology Words

There are 56 GREEK MYTHOLOGY WORDS in 7 PUZZLES for you to study.
Start by solving the 8 words in any of the 7 puzzles. Use the mythology story root and character reference, the hint letter, the word definition and the word bank to help you figure out the puzzle word answer.
You have permission to make a hard copy for further vocabulary study at home or in the classroom.

Word List: Initial 56 words:
Achilles, aegis, Amazon, ambrosia, aurora, calypso, Cassandra, chimerical, Damocles, Delphic, draconian, epicurean, fauna, flora, Gordian Knot, gorgons, Hades, halcyon, harpies, Herculean, hermetic, hydra, iridescent, labyrinth, laconic, lethargy, lycanthrope, marathon, martial, meander, mentor, mercurial, Midas touch, museum, narcissism, nectar, nemesis, odyssey, Oedipus, palladium, panacea, Pandora's Box, Pyrrhic Victory, platonic, Procrustean, Promethean, protean, sibylline, siren, sophistry, spartan, stoical, stentorian, tantalize, titanic, zephyr

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