Welcome! myvocabulary.com and Vocabulary University® celebrates regional and national fall elections with a 12-strip Vocons® vocabulary comic strip story. In addition, participants can print out:

Our non-commercial election site combines visual puzzles pertaining to elections in order to enhance vocabulary acquisition. The 12 election-related vocabulary words tell the story of the Candidate Sam Campaign.

  • The campaign story:
    Sam sees that Herb, a very ELOQUENT speaker, is campaigning without challenge or CONTROVERSY. Sam decides to DECLARE himself a CANDIDATE. After CANVASING the electorate he chooses various STRATEGIES to win (including a great debate with Herb where some in the audience said "Bunk!"). Voters react negatively to Sam's message of, "If we don't go slow down our spending, I will VETO everything."
    The ADVERSE election results disappoint Sam. However, he is a GRACIOUS loser in the face of Herb's JUBILENT victory celebration. It's also clear that Sam is the one with CHARISMA.

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  • Controversy -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Eloquent -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Declare -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Candidate -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Strategy -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Bunk -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Canvass -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Veto -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Adverse -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Jubilant -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Gracious -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

  • Charisma -- ELECTION -- myvocabulary.com

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