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      A free site that allows students at high-elem., junior high and high school levels, teachers and life-long learners to acquire and retain vocabulary. Each free session has three levels. Each level has 3 puzzles with 12 words each (36 total words in a session) and contains seven (7) additional activities/exercises that help develop vocabulary. It is continuously updated.
For details on existing themed content and Latin & Greek Root list click here:
Alphabetical List of 80+ thematic features
School Content Calendar
Alphabetical List of Latin & Greek Root
What does a Root Word Lesson Plan provide?
  There will be 20 lesson plans with grade level appropriate roots/cells derived from Latin or Greek. For current Root Word Lesson Plan #1 through #7 all answers can be put INSIDE the puzzle boxes.
In each lesson plan three roots/cells are used. As a quick pre-test for students/teachers/life-long learners, determine if you know the meaning of the cell/root. Study it before submitting answers which solve the puzzles.

Having trouble? By hitting the submit button twice, you can access the answer.
Each word is used in context. Seven other activities accompany and supplement the study of each group of words. They include:
(1) Fill-in-the-Blanks, (2) Definition Match, (3) Synonym & Antonym Encounter, (4) Crossword, (5) Word Search, (6) True or False Sentences, (7) Contextual Story (including an AUDIO reading).
Be sure to include the name, city, state/country of your school when submitting your answers and requests.

How about date specific or "themed" interest content?
  We provide "complete themed units" on our web pages, stand alone puzzles and A-to-Z word lists (called "alphalaries" either printable or sent to you upon request.)

The 395+ word lists include long lists of themed words and come with suggestions/tips for usage!
To get details go to the home page header: Word Lists
The 395+ word list link is here!
To receive "alphalaries" please indicate which list you want in the subject line and email Be sure to include the name, city, state/country of your school, if applicable.

    Representive content below is listed in school calendar order:
    1. Character Education
    2. Math Word and puzzles
    3. Greek Mythology
    4. Election
    5. Explorers/Pioneers
    5a. Christopher Columbus Day
    5b. Lewis & Clark and the La. Purchase Celebration
    6. Football - College and Pro
    7. MULTI-SCIENCE (Chemistry, Physics and Geology)
    8. Halloween (Spooky)
    8a. Wizard -- inspired by Harry Potter
    8b. Monsters - if you dare!
    9. Fire Safety Month
    10. Stock Market Game
    11. SAT/ACT - Most Important Word in puzzles --12 sessions & 216 words
    12. Thanksgiving Holiday
    13. Veterans Day
    14. Wright Brother s First Flight
    15. Year-end Holidays - Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan
    In the New Year:
    1. Martin Luther King Jr, Day
    2. Health/fitness/nutrition
    3. Groundhog Day
    4. Valentines
    5. St. Patricks Day and Irish Folklore
    6. Notable Women in History
    7. Basketball -- inspired by "March Madness"
    8. Earth Day and the Environment
    9. Shakespeare Celebration
    10. Spring Flowers
    11. Science Fair
    12. Memorial Day and Independence Day
    13. Weddings
    14. Baseball -- National Pastime all year
    15. Rain Forest
    16. Biology - Insects
    17. Life Skills-Health & Fitness
    18. California Gold Rush
    19. Your Horoscope by the Zodiac Sign
    Representatve Content Thematics under construction:
    1. Photography - now complete
    2. Astronomy - Solstice and Eclipse - now complete
    3. Native Americans
    4. Confrontation, Terrorism & War
    5. New Year Resolutions - now complete
    6. Famous People in History
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